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The Treetop Walk Saarschleife


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Destination in the Saar-Hunsrück nature park


Experience the Saarschleife from a completely new perspective from a height of 42 metres – the fully accessible Treetop Walk Saarschleife shows the wonders of nature in the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park at amazing heights. On the 1250-metre trail through the native mixed deciduous forest, there are interesting facts about the world of nature and animals to discover.

Admission prices and opening hours


All information about our opening hours, pricing and how to get to the Treetop Walk Saarschleife can be found here.

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Playground experience surrounded by nature

The Adventure Forest Saarschleife offers fun for the whole family with more than 25 exciting playing and learning stations on an area of over 7,000 m². The entrance to this adventure playground is in the close vicinity of the Treetop Walk Saarschleife.

Discover the Adventure Forest Saarschleife

Add the finishing touch to your visit to the Treetop Walk Saarschleife


The Bistro Mirabell is close to the trail and invites you to take a break.

Bistro & Restaurant

A trip to heights leaves you hungry! In Orscholz and the surrounding area there are several options for refreshments.

The Adventure Forest has a wide range of play equipment for children and adults.

Adventure Forest Saarschleife

Straight at the exit of the Treetop Walk you’ll find the entrance to the Adventure Forest Saarschleife. More than 7,000 m² of playing, fun and excitement are offered for the entire family here.

Abenteuerlustige Kinder kommen auf den Erlebnisstationen voll auf ihre Kosten.

Learning- and activity stations

Learning and activity stations are located throughout the trail and guarantee an extra amount of fun on your excursion into the treetops. Find interesting facts about the forest, the world of animals and the Saarschleife. Challenge your courage by crossing the Rialto Bridge with its wobbly elements and a speedy slide.

The family puzzles together at the Comic Rallye on the Treetop Walk Saarschleife.


Quiz seekers take note: Answer exciting questions about nature and the inhabitants of the forest. On the comic boards along the Treetop Walk, the squirrel and other forest inhabitants help children and families to learn new facts about the network of the forest.

FAQs about your time on the Treetop Walk



Can I bring my dog to the Treetop Walk?

Can I bring my dog to the Treetop Walk?

Dogs* or any other kind of pets are unfortunately not allowed on the trail.

Apart from the hygiene aspect, the safety aspect (for animal and human) has a major role to play in the prohibition of animals on the trail. While most responsible owners keep a close eye on their animals, sometimes dogs may show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers as well as towards other dogs. Furthermore, fear of heights in dogs can lead to flight behaviour.

*Exception: disabled assistance dogs and care assistance dogs.

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May I visit the Treetop Walk even during bad weather?

May I visit the Treetop Walk even during bad weather?

Yes, visitors are welcome to walk the trail in the rain. In case of snowfall, the trail is cleared and can be also entered.

We only reserve the right to close the trail for safety reasons in the event of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice. In any kind of weather, the forest offers an individual and unique atmosphere.

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Wheelchairs and Prams

Is the trail accessible for wheelchairs and prams?

Is the trail accessible for wheelchairs and prams?

Treetop Walk and tower are designed to be low-barrier, with a maximum gradient of 6% and no steps. This means that they can also be used with wheelchairs and prams. Furthermore, the path offers frequent resting areas without ascents.

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Tourism destination Saarland

Among hiking
vineyards and walnut pesto: Plan your holidays

The Saarland impresses with its varied natural spaces within a very limited area. Idyllic river landscapes on the Saar, Moselle and Blies, smooth hilly regions with vineyards and extensive woodlands – no matter where in Saarland you are, it is not far to the next natural green area. The Saarland also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. This ranges all the way from the internationally renowned film festival Max Ophüls Prize and a thriving theatre and music scene on to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks.

Discover the tourism destination

Gift idea vor Christmas

Vouchers for the Treetop Walk

With a voucher for the Treetop Walk, you can give quality time with your loved ones as a gift and an unforgettable experience on top! Our vouchers are the perfect present under any Christmas tree.

Looking for a Christmas gift for employees or customers? The Treetop Walk experience costs no more than a bottle of wine and is an exceptional surprise for your employees or customers.


How to redeem a voucher
Open the Ticket Shop and select the menu item “Redeem Gift Vouchers”. Our ticket shop will then guide you through the process and you’ll have your valid ticket in your mailbox in no time!

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Travel to the Treetop Walk‚ as a group‚ by coach or as a school excursion


Eine Reisegruppe erlebt den Baumwipfelpfad bei Abenddämmerung aus ganz neuer Perspektive.

No matter if you are planning a weekend trip for your sports club, a company event or a school trip: the wooden walkway with its characteristic lookout tower will raise your group trip to amazing heights. Everything you need for your planning can be found here, such as our favourable group rate, guided tours and information for tour operators.

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