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The Treetop Walk Black Forest


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Treetop Walk on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad

Take a walk along the
treetops of Black Forest

When entering the Treetop Walk, you will quickly leave familiar paths behind and new, unforgettable perspectives will open up. In the middle of the distinctive nature of the Nature Park Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord, the Treetop Walk on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad offers unique views of the impressive mixed mountain forest.

Admission prices and opening hours


Find all information about our opening hours, pricing and how to get to the Treetop Walk Black Forest.

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Ein Mädchen legt eine Pause auf der Kletterstation im Abenteuerwald Sommerberg ein.

Climbing, running around, jumping and sliding: Discover all the fun you can handle in the Adventure Forest Sommerberg, located right next to the lookout tower of the Treetop Walk Black Forest, with more than 8,000 square metres of giant trampoline, zip lines and climbing castles.

Discover the Adventure Forest Sommerberg

Highlights of the Treetop Walk Black Forest


The 55m long tunnel slide inside the lookout tower offers action and fun for young and young-hearted.


Enjoy the amazing 55-metre tunnel slide inside the lookout tower. Do you dare?

Adventure Forest Sommerberg

Playing, jumping and climbing on a playground of more than 8,000 m². This means great fun for the entire family.

Imbiss Futterkrippe

Snack bar Futterkrippe

Getting out into the nature leaves you hungry. The Futterkrippe snack bar, right next to the Treetop Walk’s lookout tower, offers a varied selection of snacks and drinks.


Green education

Discover exciting facts about nature, the Northern Black Forest and Bad Wildbad on one of our guided tours.

FAQ - All about the trail and your visit to the Black Forest

The most frequently
Questions and answers


Is the trail open in bad weather?

Is the trail open in bad weather?

The trail is kept open when it rains and we remove snow from the trail so that it can be accessed.

Only during thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice we do reserve the right to close the trail for safety reasons.

If it is necessary to close the trail at short notice, we will announce this information on our website and via social media (Facebook and Instagram). We recommend that you check back on the day of your visit before you leave!

Attention: Different opening hours apply to the slide than to the trail. In case of rain, snow, high humidity or bad weather, the slide will remain closed or might be closed at short notice.

Find the opening hours of the Treetop Walk

Find the opening hours of the Slide

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Is the trail accessible with a wheelchair?

Is the trail accessible with a wheelchair?

The Treetop Walk and the lookout tower do not have any steps at all and are thus fully accessible for wheelchairs, walkers and prams.

At a maximum gradient of 6%, the trail itself regularly offers rest areas without gradients where visitors may stop for a break.

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Are dogs allowed on the Treetop Walk in Bad Wildbad?

Are dogs allowed on the Treetop Walk in Bad Wildbad?

Dogs* or animals of any kind are unfortunately not permitted on the trail.

Apart from the hygiene aspect, the safety factor (for animals and humans) plays a major role in the ban on animals on the trail. Most responsible owners keep a close eye on their pet, nevertheless dogs can show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers and also towards their own kind. Moreover, dogs’ fear of heights can trigger flight behaviour. Unfortunately, the reduced path width offers neither retreat nor escape possibilities for animals nor for people with a fear of dogs.

*Exception: companion dogs for the disabled and assistance dogs.


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Natural region of the Northern Black Forest


The forest represents both tranquillity and activity in the wild and is therefore the perfect region for hiking and outdoor activities. Do you like to go on a riverbed hike, a canoe tour, a cool bike tour, or would you rather walk through the forest with an alpaca? No problem! If you are also looking for a unique place to stay overnight, you can spend the night in a lodge or in a shepherd’s cart hotel. The Northern Black Forest has a lot to offer and its hosts are happy to treat their guests to regional specialities from their kitchens.

Discover the travel region

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Vouchers for the Treetop Walk

With a voucher for the Treetop Walk, you can give quality time with your loved ones as a gift and an unforgettable experience on top! Our vouchers are the perfect present under any Christmas tree.

Looking for a Christmas gift for employees or customers? The Treetop Walk experience costs no more than a bottle of wine and is an exceptional surprise for your employees or customers.


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Open the Ticket Shop and select the menu item “Redeem Gift Vouchers”. Our ticket shop will then guide you through the process and you’ll have your valid ticket in your mailbox in no time!

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Group trip‚ coach tour or school excursion to the Treetop Walk


Als Teil des speziellen Angebots erlebt die Gruppe den Sonnenuntergang auf dem Turm exklusiv.

Be it a club weekend, a company event or a school trip: the Treetop Walk Black Forest with its trademark, the 40-metre-high lookout tower, will boost your journey together to amazing heights. Find all you need for planning such as our low group rate, guided tours for groups and information for tour operators.

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Treetop Walk on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad